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Understanding Our Easy to Use Product!


OMEGAON payments vision is to bring digital payments into main stream. To ensure every person (educated, uneducated and children) can make digital payments with a technology that every human being is born with, which is picture recognition


Omegaon's PhotoClickPay is an AI technology that will change the way digital payments has viewed and adopted. We believe technology should be easy, fast and secure.


GoBillPay combines the benefits of PhotoClickPay - image based recognition technology with various bill operators to identify user bills with images.


More and more people in India are becoming familiar with digital payments yet today it is still considered as a fringe activity. Eventually digital payments in india will be achieved however, it would be appreciable if digital payments is secure and easy. GoPay aims to build a secure platform


Understanding Our Easy to Use Product!

  • PhotoClickPay

    PhotoClcikPay seamlessly attaches your wallet to your smartphone and enables you to make purchases from online and offline merchants as easily as a taking a picture with your phone

  • GoBillPay

    GoBillPay aims to help the customer to pay for various services like mobile recharge, dth, data card, electricity bill payments, insurance, gas, metro, house rent are among many other services

  • GoSafe

    We believe technology should enable certain features which protect the customer. with just a tap on the location, the user can send the live location to anyone and request for help.

  • GoPay

    It allows user to transfer money to their friends, pay at shops via unique id like Aadhar number, transfer money via IMPS and pay at restaurants, hotels

  • GoBus

    GoBus provides various services for online bus booking like e-ticketing, advance bus ticket booking, compare prices of different services providers, filter the journey via time, seat layout, entertainment etc

  • GiftCards

    E - Gift cards are the trendiest gifts, users can purchase gift cards of various brands and instantly email them to their loved ones.

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Understanding Our Easy to Use Product!

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